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BackBlaze's Customer Analytics

BackBlaze, a cloud storage company for individuals and enterprises that has 480k customers and generated $53.8M in revenue last year, recently filed its S-1 to go public. A deep dive into its customer analytics.

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Unity's IPO: What are the customer analytics of a game engine?

Unity Software Inc. recently filed its S-1 in advance of going public in the near term. Unity is the maker of a real-time 3D game engine that powers many 3D games and other content across numerous sectors. In this post, I focus on an under-discussed part of its IPO disclosure: its customer analytics.

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The Habit Flywheel

How forcing mechanisms propel us up the Long Staircase of Habit Forming on route to the Habit Flywheel. By deconstructing how habits work, we can learn to form better habits and dismantle bad ones.

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